Passenger Services

Registration for boarding, boarding, passengers in transit

The company’s skilled staff handles all the check-in systems of the various airlines and is skilled in operating them.

Service for passengers with special needs

Assistance in the process of transit and movement within the airport up to the stage of boarding (by means of a wheelchair, buggy or ambulatory) for passengers with limited mobility (PRM), unaccompanied passengers and others with special escort needs.

Ticketing services and reservations

The ticketing team of the company handles all types of tickets and orders of the various airlines, among others: changes, collection due to over weight.

Customer service center

Handling of delayed flights, cancellations of flights, travel and departure of passengers to hotels, transportation to airline air crews and other special requests.

Baggage detection services

Identification, repair and replacement by an authorized luggage supplier, storage, provision of alternative temporary equipment.

Sorting Canal

Inspection Baggage sorting, documentation of items received in the baggage sorting channel.

Aircraft Service

Wide adapter / monitor

The company’s staff is authorized to handle all types of aircraft, including private planes, cargo planes, military flights, narrow and wide-bodied aircraft of all manufacturers (Boeing, Airbus, Ambrier and more)

Plan and control the aircraft load

A professional and skilled team handles all types of aircraft and all DCS software according to the standard and control of the Swissport parent company and are equipped with all appropriate aviation licenses.

Operations and movement services

Coordination between all parties handling the aircraft – cleaning, fueling, catering, luggage, luggage, etc., handling malfunctions and changes in timetables, issuance of relevant flight documents, communications between the air crew and airport officials, ground contact aircraft.

Support and assistance in ground equipment

Generator, air conditioning, pushing and towing by means of conventional aviation vehicles, use of safety equipment for aircraft in parking and pushing the aircraft to the starting position.

Serving the dynamic needs of executive aviation customers, QAS offers the full range of ground handling services at Israel’s Ben Gurion International Airport. Upon arrival and departure, the executive aircraft, crew and passengers are assured high quality, streamlined services tailored to their special requirements.

With experience serving customers from across the globe, including world and business leaders, QAS succeeds in providing first-class service that is highly personalized and entirely customer-focused, making excellence the number one feature of the executive aviation experience.

Passenger & Crew Services
From small crews to large, whether a handful of passengers or an entire delegation, our executive passenger & crew services are designed to provide a smooth, fast and luxurious transition from aircraft to terminal and beyond, from the moment you land at Ben Gurion Airport, until final take-off on your journey home.
Transport between aircraft and VIP lounge in sedans
Express customs and immigration clearance
Booking of limousines, VIP cars, aircraft and helicopters
Private guided tours
Passenger & crew lounges
Security services
Hotel reservations at preferential rates

Aircraft Services

The first step in delivering solutions for our customers is understanding their needs. The QAS Executive Aviation team possesses extensive experience in providing optimal aircraft services for all types of aircraft. We offer customized, streamlined operations for uncompromising efficiency and excellence in the full range of ground handling services. In flight and on the ground, we tailor our solutions to the needs of the crew and passengers, to take you safely and comfortably on your way.

Aircraft Services

Dan lounges (concourse B and C)

The Dan Business Lounges offer pre-flight services for outgoing passengers at Ben Gurion International Airport in a tranquil and intimate atmosphere. The lounges feature meeting areas of varying sizes, an abundant and varied self-service buffet, up-to-date reading materials, TV, fax and Internet services. The Dan Lounges are located on Concourses B and C in the Duty Free shopping area.

Dan lounges (concourse B and C)

Dan's business premium lounge (in concourse E)

The new Dan Lounge, designed and operated especially for women and businesspeople, is especially large and spacious and also includes a well-stocked bar with professional staff (bartenders and barista)

Dan's business premium lounge (in concourse E)

Arbel Lounge (Super Premium Lounge)

The Arbel Lounge is designed to offer high-level VIP services, including private rooms for business meetings, press conferences and more. Guests can enjoy light refreshments, alcoholic drinks, soft drinks and hot beverages, in addition to a wide range of up-to-date reading materials. The Arbel Lounge serves business and leisure travelers on incoming and outgoing commercial flights, and is located in the western gallery of Ben Gurion Airport’s Terminal 3.

Arbel Lounge (Super Premium Lounge)

Dan+ (Super Premium Lounge)

A dedicated lounge for companies that choose to receive services from this facility.

Dan+ (Super Premium Lounge)

VIP service at Ben-Gurion Airport

The VIP Services Department provides VIP services to all airlines in order to enhance your service experience at the airport from the moment you arrive until the moment you sit in your seat on the plane. With our help, your service experience on your way to your next destination will be pleasant, fast and efficient.

VIP service enables passengers taking off from Ben Gurion Airport and passengers arriving at Ben Gurion Airport to go through the regulatory processes at the airport easily and pleasantly.

With our service personnel, you will enjoy an amazing service experience as you pass through the various stops when you arrive or leave Israel. Providing excellent service to our customers is a supreme value in the company’s value system and we place constant emphasis on excellence and professionalism in all the services that we provide.    

With our help, security check, check-in and passport control can be a pleasant experience on your way to or from your vacation. Our service personnel will escort you through a smooth and uninterrupted process, enabling you to reach your end point easily and efficiently.

We have several service tracks which include the following services
Meeting the customer at the point of arrival
Escorting the customer through security
Escorting the customer at the check-in counters
Escorting the customer through the hand luggage security check
Escorting the customer through passport control
Escorting the customer to the gate or lounge
Driving the customer to passport control in the air space
Driving the customer from home to the airport or vice versa
Hospitality in one of the Dan lounges
Transit/hospitality in the Arbel Lounge
Help with transporting luggage and equipment

In order to choose a service track and order the service, please contact the Company’s call center, which operates 24/7 *2350,        079-5723567 or order the service on the website. A fee is charged for the service, which is available to all passengers with all types of passports.

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