About us

QAS was jointly established in 1996 by Swissport International and Knafaim Holdings Ltd, with the aim of providing a broad range of outstanding ground handling services.

For over two decades, the company has consistently achieved its goals to provide the highest quality services 24/7, with reliability, professionalism and flexibility to meet the customer’s individual needs.

Moving on, moving up 

Over the years, QAS has emerged and excelled in new arenas. In partnership with the prestigious Dan Hotel chain, QAS operates VIP lounges in Ben Gurion Airport’s Terminal 3 and 1.

QAS offers a full suite of services to provide a synergy of activities and streamlined quality for its customers.


Focus on Customers

Delivering fully customized services to airlines and executive aviation customers, on demand and on time.


Focus on QA

Focus on safety and quality assurance.


Focus on Personnel

Our staff is our most important asset. Satisfied employees are motivated and dedicated to provide the highest service standard.

The staff
Yossi Raviv

Yossi Raviv


Mr. Yossi Raviv is a founding partner of QAS Israel Ltd and has held the position of CEO since the company’s establishment in 1996. Previously, Mr. Raviv held several positions at Arkia Airlines and El-Al. Mr. Raviv has a BA in Social Science and an MA in Industrial Relations and Personnel Management

Eyal Sagi

Eyal Sagi

VP of Private Aviation

Mr. Eyal Sagi began his career in aviation in 1994 with Arkia Airlines as an Operations Worker and Field Supervisor at Ben Gurion Airport. Over the years, Mr. Sagi held a number of positions in passenger services, station management and all fields of operations. With the establishment of QAS, he moved into business and marketing, where he established and developed the company’s executive aviation department. He has a degree in Business Administration.


Orit Weintraub

Orit Weintraub

VP Human Resources

Aviv Fisher

Aviv Fisher

Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Aviv Fischer began his career in aviation in 1995, and joined QAS when it was established in 1996. He possesses broad knowledge and experience in all aspects of ground handling, and in 2001, he was appointed Vice President – Operations and Chief Operating Officer at QAS. Mr. Fisher has a BSc and an MBA.

Nir Gur

Nir Gur

VP of Finance and Commercial

Iris Ben Dov

Iris Ben Dov

Deputy Director General and Organization

Mrs. Iris Ben Dov began her career in aviation in 1990 with El-Al and later with Arkia Airlines. She was selected to take part in Arkia’s management training, and was later appointed as Arkia’s station manager at Atarot, Jerusalem. In 1998, Mrs. Ben Dov joined QAS as Vice President of Human Resources . She has a degree in International Relations.



Commitment to quality is a cornerstone of the business activities of QAS. Every department and staff member operates under the strictest quality guidelines. This includes our ISO 9001 certification, implementation of the Swissport Management System, and other quality control accreditations, yet it also comprises the company’s broader definition of quality:

  • Safety
  • Timely service
  • Preventative problem-solving
  • Delivery of the services agreed upon jointly by the customer and QAS


An important part of our quality assurance is reflected in our commitment to our employees. In taking a service-minded approach to our staff, our staff is equipped and motivated to deliver on our commitment to customers – reliable, exceptional safety and quality, every step of the way.

This can only be achieved through meticulous adherence to a variety of stringent protocols and procedures, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. These include:

  • Training, instructions, meetings, surveys and follow-ups
  • SLA, check lists, spot checks, evaluations and reports
  • Internal and external audits
  • Customer feedback
Thank you letters
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